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For over 100 years, the core of our business has been providing the most advanced electrical supply solutions. Whether you’re performing a simple switch installation, running a new service, or constructing a building from the ground up we can assist with every aspect of your project. From hard-to-find circuit breakers and fuses to tremendous inventories of all types of conduit and strut, including hot dipped and stainless – we are your one-stop-shop. Self unloader boom truck service is available for all your master bundle jobsite delivery needs.

We maintain an extensive inventory of all wiring and cable products.

  • All sizes of building wire including slick pull; we cut and parallel
  • Quik-Pull bundling solutions
  • Romex coils and reels
  • Local Law 5 Fire Alarm cable including 200 degree
  • All types of MC Cables including High Voltage colors in coils and reels
    • Super Neutral Cable
    • Neutral Per Phase Cable
    • PVC Coated Cables
  • Health Care Facility Cables
  • Luminary Cable in coils and reels & High Voltage Colors
  • Rubber cords
  • Greenfield
  • Sealtite

Additionally, we have every wire accessory needed to professionally complete your job.

  • Mechanical and Compression lugs
  • Bug Nuts
  • Butt Splices
  • Hardware
  • Cold Shrink Sleeves
  • Heat Shrink Sleeves
  • Mastic Pads
  • Specialty Tapes
  • Tywraps
  • Cutting and crimping tools
  • Multi-Tap Wire Connectors
  • Pulling Compound

Fittings from:

  • OZ Gedney
  • Thomas&Betts
  • Raco
  • Crouse Hinds
  • Bridgeport
  • Topaz

Wiring devices from:

  • Leviton
  • Hubble
  • Pass&Seymour
  • Lutron

Full inventories of Wiremold/Walker/Le Grand products including:

  • Poke-thru’s
  • Floor Boxes
  • Surface Raceway
  • Walker Duct

    Heating solutions From Markel and King Electric including:

    • Baseboard
    • Hanging space heaters
    • Wall&kick space heaters
    • Portable heaters

    Grounding products from:

    • Erico/Cadweld
    • Harger
    • Burndy

    Labor saving solutions from:

    • Caddy
    • Arlington
    • Garvin Industries

    Renewable energy products including:

    • All types and sizes of batteries
    • EV Charging solutions

    Fire Stop products from 3M and Specified Technologies:

    • 1&5 Gallon Pails
    • Thru-Wall sleeves
    • Pillows
    • Bricks
    • Spray foam
    • Putty pads
    • Tubes and guns

    Other Electrical Products:

    • Chief Boxes and flanges
    • FSR Audio Visual Activation Products.
    • Distribution and motor control equipment from GE.
    • NYC approved wide gutter panel boards.
    • Tork and intermatic time clocks.
    • Asco contactors.
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Nu Heat Floor Heating Systems.
    • Advance Transformers
    • Vibration eliminators for all your transformer installation needs.
    • All sizes of Trough and Pull Boxes; with knock outs or without   
    • Custom fabricated metal enclosures and finishes made to your size and specs.

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